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Bob Erbst

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America deserves a secure border
which eliminates Human Trafficking
and Fentanyl importation.
- Bob Erbst

Native Southern Californian Bob Erbst grew up in Anaheim with his educator mother, veteran father and two siblings. Growing up in this environment taught him the value of hard work, tenacity and love of country. The son of a working-class family, Bob had a natural talent and immediate passion for basketball. The recipient of consecutive awards such as First-Team ALL CIF, member of the ALL PAC-10 Freshman Team, and participant in the 1990 NCAA Tournament, Bob’s tremendous talents afforded him much attention which earned him a scholarship to the University of Southern California. During University, Bob not only grew to know the invaluable skills of sportsmanship and team playing, but was able to foster his own important sociological and world views, which would prove to be invaluable for his eventual efforts to change policy around him. This, along with his solid upbringing in a family that was supportive and indomitable, created in Bob the passion to stand up for what he believes to be right for our beautiful country.

Coming from a family of educators, he was a natural in the classroom. Bob taught World History for 27 years and continues to be a voracious student of the subject. Bob believes a true student of world history is globally well rounded, and as such has escorted his own students in over seven European educational tours which have spanned Italy, The Vatican, Germany, France, England, Austria, and The Czech Republic.

In addition, during his teaching career Bob’s passion for leadership has been evident through his effort to build the next generation of leaders. He served as ASB Advisor helping to coordinate student leaders of the future who take action, fighting against the status quo. Ever the mentor, he has served continually in the roles of Varsity Basketball coach and Varsity basketball referee.

As a recent widower of a talented opera singer and supporter of the arts, Bob taught stagecraft for more than 12 years in addition to acting as principal set builder and designer for over 40 main productions.

Bob Erbst seeks to build upon his expertise in leadership, world history, team building mentality and forward thinking by representing the state of California’s 35th district in the following ways:


Border Security:

Bob believes America deserves a secure border which eliminates Human Trafficking and Fentanyl importation. He also supports the need for common sense immigration policy that rewards people who follow our laws, coupled with a refugee policy that safely expands our citizenry.


Bob believes that Americans deserve policies that enrich America through good paying energy sector careers thereby assisting friendly nations in supplying energy to America and avoiding dependence on Russia and OPEC. He believes we must continue improving our Green Energy technology and continue to strive to manufacture wind and solar technology here in the USA.


Bob believes that parents deserve an education policy that stresses rigor in the classroom. He believes education is a team sport, and that schools should focus on education that meets the needs of the students and the community. He also believes we must reward, attract, and retain good teachers who are the backbone of education. Furthermore, we must respect these educators and work to eliminate the restraints that unions and school districts place upon them.

Police funding:

Bob believes that the Government's main job is the protection of ALL its citizens. Consequently, he asserts that police need more tools and training to continue to perform the difficult tasks we demand of them.

If elected, Bob will fight for these essential liberties and policies, and promise to uphold values which facilitate Americans in their quest for their dreams, whatever they may be.

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